My appliance stopped working?
Please contact the salon you bought the appliance from. If you have purchased online please contact us via email.

Do you accept returns?
Salon Promotions will only replace and honour product warranties for Hot Tools® products purchased online.

What is the warranty on my appliance?
Depending on your model number. Our Limited Warranty offers a one year to three-year warranty.

How do I know if my product is dual voltage?
You will find this information on the outside of the packaging.

How long is the cord on my appliance?
All products feature 3 meter Salon-length cables with tangle free swivel.

Where can I find the model number on my product?
This information can be found on the handle of the appliance, or on the back of the product. For hair straighteners it will be between the handles.

Is my appliance UL listed?
This information will be on the outside of the packaging.
*Depends on the model number.

What is ceramic?
Emits gentle, far-infrared heat. The cuticle is not over-heated which helps protect hair integrity and minimize damage.

What is Ion?
Dries hair faster. Negative ions reduce the size of water droplets and add moisture into hair. Prevents frizz, adds volume and make hair soft and shiny.

What is tourmaline?
Retains natural moisture for superior shine.

What is titanium?
Even heat distribution and is corrosion-resistant.